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Copernicus Marine Service General Assembly

Mercator Ocean international is inviting you to the Copernicus Marine Service General Assembly
to be held ONLINE from 26 to 28 January 2021.

The General Assembly will gather all Copernicus Marine Service partners and teams:
Monitoring and Forecasting Centers, Thematic Assembly Centers, Central Information System, User Uptake and Service Evolution projects.
Copernicus Marine Service main stakeholders are also most welcome to attend and learn more about the Copernicus Marine Service achievements and prospects.

The objective is to review the achievements of the 2015-2021 Copernicus Marine Service and build the future plans.



 9:00-11:00     2015-2021: Six years of achievements for the Copernicus Marine Service

11:15-12:30     The Copernicus Marine Network: how we work together

12:30-13:30     Lunch Break       

13:30-17:30     2015-2021 : Continuous evolution of the offer / production center achievements

16:00-17:30     Interactive session with producers in Hall A

17:30-18:30     CMEMS Ocean State Reporting activities and international landscape         

18:30     end of Day 1    


Round tables day 1 :


  • Satellite and In Situ upstream infrastructure  and Q&A 
  • Interfaces with other Copernicus services and EMODnet and Q&A 
  • Interfaces with H2020 R&D programmes and Q&A 


EU Reporting on ocean, climate state and SDGs in the international landscape


Interactive session day 1 :

16:00-17:30  Meet producers in HALL A (TAC - Thematic Assembly Centers  and MFC - Monitoring & Forecating Centers)  


 9:00-10:45     2015-2021: Continuous evolution of the offer / data and user service achievements

10:45-12:15     Interactive Session Innovation / Service Evolution & H2020 projects in HALL B

12:15-14:00     Lunch Break

14:00-16:00     2015-2021: Six years of User Uptake and Engagement

16:00-17:30     Interactive Session User Uptake projects  in HALL C     

17:30-18:00     Copernicus Marine biodiversity & EU policies

18:00    end of Day 2    


Round tables day 2 :

15:30     Evolving CMEMS offer to match user

17:35     CMEMS in support of EU policies - EC perspective 


Live Demonstrations Day 2 : 

09:15     Exploring the Marine Data Store

09:45     Product visualization


Interactive sessions day 2 :

10:45-12:15     Meet Service Evolution & H2020 projects  in HALL B  

16:00-17:30     Meet User Uptake projects  in HALL C     


 9:00-10:50     Responding to Ocean challenges in Copernicus 2021-2027 / a promising plan

10:50-11:20     Coffee break    

11:20-12:55     Responding to Ocean challenges in Copernicus 2021-2027 / a supportive framework 

12:55     Meeting  closure


Round table day 3 :

09:50     Evolving interfaces with the other Copernicus Services and EMODnet